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Robinson Sports will be hosting Winter Clinics open to any players who'd like to to train. Each Saturday,  there will be a different set of coaches in town to work on different focuses of the game. 


Saturday, January 22, 2022

1:00pm - 2:30pm : 2022 - 2025

2:30pm - 4pm: 2026 -2028



  Field A Field B Field C
9:00 AM 24/25 Elite 27 Elite 29/30 Elite
10:00 AM HS Open 28 Elite Youth Open (29-32)
11:00 AM 22/23 Elite 26 Elite MS Open
  Field A Field B Field C
9:00 AM 22/23 Elite 26 Elite MS Open
10:00 AM 24/25 Elite 27 Elite 29/30 Elite
11:00 AM HS Open 28 Elite Youth Open (29-32)


Order your club apparel via Squad Locker and have items shipped upon purchasing. 

Orlando's First True Lacrosse Club

The first girls lacrosse club designed to take Orlando area lacrosse into the national spotlight.  There are a ton of athletes in Orlando, and it is time for a club to take those athletes to the next level of lacrosse.  With local practices, clinics, and training, M&D Orlando is the first club built for local players to compete nationally.   We would like to build our teams with Orlando's finest lacrosse players.  See what we are all about!

M&D Orlando

M&D Orlando is a girls' lacrosse club for players in central Florida.  It is designed to give the players the optimal training opportunities while competing against the nation's top competition.

M&D Orlando will practice and train locally in the Orlando area and provide opportunities for competition here in Florida through enrolling in the National Girls Lacrosse League and by hosting events and tournaments.  Our teams will also compete in national events like the Mid-Atlantic Showcase and Summer Club Championships.

M&D Orlando players will also have the opportunity to compete exclusively with M&D teams in Maryland. 

Play for the best

M&D is known as the best club in the country.  Now we are in Florida and geared up to take Orlando area lacrosse to the top level in the country.  We are looking for Orlando's top 20-22 players per graduation year for each team.  Come join the ride to the top!

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Melissa Villanti - 2021 Youth Coach of the Year!

Grad Years 2023 through 2032

Any players in grad years 2023-2032 interested in joining M&D Orlando should contact Kaitlin at

US Lacrosse Membership

Everyone who tries out for M&D Orlando must be a valid US Lacrosse member in order to try-out.  Every tournament we enter requires a valid US Lacrosse membership id.  You don't have one?  Please go to

National Girls Lacrosse League

M&D Orlando is a member of the National Girls Lacrosse League. Check out the web page.


M&D will keep approximately 45 top players per graduating class as teams are formed based on high school graduating years (i.e., class of 2024). This year M&D will have teams for the graduation classes of 2024 through 2032. Girls selected for the club will form two teams, Black and Red. The placement of players to the Black or the Red team will be based on player ability, skills, and commitment to club participation. M&D does not allow players to play up or down a grade level.

Tryouts will be held in August 2022 for the 2022 - 2023 Club Schedule. 

Players listed on the posted roster have made the team, while those omitted from the roster have not.

M&D tryouts are open for all players. Player selections will be made based on ability and individual skills. Overall talent and player commitment will be weighed heavily on player selection. 

 All players are expected to wear clothing and shoes that are appropriate for outside play. It will also be helpful if the players could wear a reversible jersey with a light and dark color other than an M&D reversible.

Additionally, players are NOT to wear any M&D apparel or apparel from their respective high schools. M&D does not want to project any perceived favoritism or bias towards former M&D players. All players are expected to bring regulation women’s lacrosse stick, mouth guard, and goggles. All goalies are to provide their own equipment. All players are expected to provide their own water bottle. 


NOTE: Please do not try out for M&D unless you are fully committed to playing with the M&D club. It is unfair to take a roster spot from someone who really wants to play. M&D does not allow a player to play for two club teams.

Player commitment and multi-sport philosophy

It is expected that any player who tries out for M&D (2022/23 Season) that makes a team will be playing for M&D during the fall of 2022 & summer of 2023. It is a full one-year commitment. The classes of 2026 through 2031 will also be playing in the spring of 2023 in the NGLL. M&D does promote multi-sports athletes. Our stance is that lacrosse games and practices that occur in the spring and summer should take priority over all other sports. In the fall and winter, any lacrosse games or practices should take a secondary priority to fall or winter sports. Players will not be penalized for missing practices or games in the fall or winter.

Middle School Team Policy - For the classes of 2026 through 2031, M&D will be playing in the spring of 2023 for the 3rd Season. M&D will be participating in the National Girls Lacrosse League, playing 6 games in the season. There will also be playoffs and a championship for each age group. Games will be on Sundays. All M&D teams who win their brackets will be competing in the NGLL championships and festival on Memorial Day Weekend in Raleigh, NC in May of 2023. The NGLL championships are run in conjunction with the NCAA women’s Final Four.